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Raw Sapphire


Name:Raw Sapphire
Dimensions:From 2mm~200mm
Thickness:From 0.5mm to 200mm
Tolerance:Can be best as ±0.02mm
Materials:Optical Grade Sapphire
Surface Quality:As Requsts
Flatness:As Requsts
Chamfer:As Requsts
MOQ:General From 10pcs

Product Description

.Raw Sapphire

    Raw Synthetic Sapphire materials can be custom made as your requests, the main shapes we are supplying contains:

    Plates, Convex, Concave, Domed, Cube, Triangle, Rod, Tube, Irregular shapes( Plano, thickness below 1.5mm), Holes, Ball.

    Various Specifications can be chosen: 

    Surface Quality: Ground/ Fine Ground/ Commercial Polished/ Precision Polished

    Surface Flatness: Random/ Commercial Grade/ Precision Grade(Better than lamda/10 @633nm)

    Tolerance: Can be best as +0.02mm

    If you not find the shapes you wanted above, you can email us or find us on whatsapp/ wechat. Send us the drawing we will response you very soon.

  Contact us for more !!!


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