.Introduction of Optic-Well Optics

Basic Info:

+Chengdu Optic-well Optics co.,ltd is a advanced Optical components processing company ,which based in Chengdu City, China. Since its inception, Optic-well has been involved in the design, research and development of Sapphire components. Our main products included Precision Optical window, Prism, Lenses, Sapphire rods, Sapphire tubes and Various Sapphire Optical components for ipl beauty machines, we are also happy to do customized Optical components.

Our Vision:

+While our company is young, our proved successful experience is the core to our success. We have the capabilities to offer a very wide range of custom optics and precision optical components.

+With our expanding international network, we can satisfy any customer requirements and be responsive to your exact needs before and after delivery. Our commitment is to consistently provide you with high quality products and services designed to your exact specifications delivered on time at a competitive price.

+We are happy to undertake projects of all sizes-from one-off research orders to large scale production runs with call off delivery schedules. Its our goal to build a lasting relationship with you. It would be great honor to be your friends.

.Main Products

1.Sapphire Windows

Sizes: From φ2~φ300mm;Thickness: 0.5~50mm; 

Shapes: Round Sapphire Windows/ Square Sapphire Windows/ Rectangular Sapphire Windows/ Sector, Step Sapphire Windows/ Irregular Shapes Sapphire Windows.

2.Sapphire Rod & Sapphire Tubes

Sizes: From φ2~φ300mm; Length:2~200mm; Minimum Wall Thickness: 0.5mm; 

Shapes: Flat Head Sapphire Rods/ Sapphire Cone Rods/ Sapphire Dome Head Rods/ Sapphire Seed/ Sapphire Tube All Polished/ Sapphire Tube Cloud Surface/ Sapphire Flow Tubes/ Sapphire Plungers 

3.Sapphire Jewels & Ruby Jewels

Sizes: From φ1~φ100mm; Thickness:0.3~50mm; Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.2mm; 

Shapes: Ruby Cover Stone/ Ruby Cone Bearing/ Jewel With Cylindrical Hole With Cups/ Jewel With Straight Hole/ Sapphire Jewel With Olivated Hole/ Cup Bearing 

4.Custom Sapphire Components 

Sizes: From 1~300mm; Thickness:0.3~100mm; Minimum Hole Diameter: 0.2mm; 

+Professional Sapphire Optics And Sapphire Components Supplier+