Quality Assurance

.How We Guarantee The Quality

+ Dimensions Checking Methods:

For Semi-finished product or during processing

Generally use Microcaliper/ Vernier Caliper/ Crystallographer/Video Checking Station

Measuring Dimensions, Axis, Tolerance. 

Surface Quality Checking Methods:

For Surface Quality

Generally use High Resolution Microscopes/ Eye Scope/ Naked Eyes

Per MIL-Standard Or Customer's Standard.

Insure Surface Quality

Surface Quality Checking Methods:

For Surface Flatness

Generally use Optical Flats/ Laser Interferometer 

.Quality optics delivered to you on-time is absolutely essential to your business.

.All optics are manufactured and tested according to your specific requirements, whether according to MIL-standards or other.

.Our extensive ISO 9001 QA procedures, specialized inspection equipment, and excellent operation process and systems help you maximize your performance and profits.

.Contact us for your next project and you’ll see why Optic-well is the manufacturer you can count on.

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