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Properties Of Sapphire



.Basic Information Of Synthetic Sapphire 

+For Your Better Understanding of Synthetic Sapphire, We supply the basic properties of our materials.Please check the below Form and the properties for Sapphire material :

1.Quick Properties Of Sapphire:

Basic Properties Of Synthetic Sapphire 

Properties Index
 Chemical Formula:  Al2O3
 Optical Index Of Refraction:  No:1.768/ Ne:1.760 @589.3nm
 Compressive Strength:  300,000 PSI
 Flexural Strength :  100,000 PSI
 Tensile Strength:  58,000 PSI
 Mohs Hardness:  9 Grade
 Maximum Temperature (Continuous):  2000℃
 Coefficient Of Expansion-Perpendicular to C-axis:


 Coefficient Of Expansion-Parallel to C-axis:  5.4x10-6/℃ 
 Conductivity:  46w/mk
 Specific Heat (0~100℃):  0.16cal/g℃ 

2.Comparison For Each Material

Basic Specifications Of Common Optical Materials


B270 CaF2 Ge N-BK7 Fuzed Silica Sapphire

Refractive index (nd)

1.523 1.434 4.003 1.517 1.458 1.768
Coefficient of dispersion (Vd) 58.5 95.1 N/A 64.2 67.7 72.2


2.55 3.18 5.33 2.46 2.2 3.97


8.2 18.85 6.1 7.1 0.55 5.3
Soften Temperature(℃) 533 800 936 557 1000 2000
Knoop hardness(kg/mm2) 542 158.3 780 610 500 2200


+ We offers a wide variety of optical substrates that are ideal for use in various applications. The graph to the right compares the transmission ranges of some of the most common substrates we offer. This page details optical properties for these substrates, as well as the substrates used in our aspheric and achromatic lenses. To quickly navigate through these substrates, use the Table of Contents listed below or click on the tabs above.

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