Round Sapphire Window
Name:Round Sapphire Window
Diameter:φ39mm +0/-0.5mm
Thickness:17mm ±0.1mm
Surface Quality:Both Sides Polished
Materials:Ky Sapphire
Coating:No Coating
Chamfer:Break Sharp Edges 0.1mm

Product Description

.Round Sapphire Windows

   Commercial grade Sapphire Window(S/D 80/50, Random Flatness) is widely used in scientific research, industrial and commercial electric filed all because of synthetic sapphire's excellent hardness, chemical stability and physical characteristics. 

   Thanks to the new polishing method, our commercial polished sapphire window have a perfect balance between costs and performance, it can helps you save your budget and time. Custom order is welcome with low MOQ( most from 10pcs), lead time usually in 30days.

    Please check the following specification for the products as shown. 

    Round Sapphire Window

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