Sapphire Viewports
Name:Sapphire Viewports
Diameter:From 1 mm to 305 mm in any optical axis
Thickness:From 0.2mm up to 50mm
Flatness:Can Be λ/10 @633nm Or Better
Parallelism:Can Be As Tight As 10 Arc Second
Surface Quality:S/D 80/60~20/10 per MIL-PRT-13830
Quantity:Dia 80mm From 20pcs / Dia100 From 2pcs
Materials:Optical Grade Synthetic Sapphire Ky Method
Delivery time:Usually 4 weeks after deposit received
Coating:Band Pass, Cut off, AR
Chamfer:As Request Angle or Radius

Product Description

.Sapphire Viewports:

  Viewports are widely used in Vacuum Chamber and High Vacuum System, The sight glass of the viewports can be made with BK7 glass/ Quartz/ GaF and Sapphire, it's depends on the Vacuum Class of the viewports. Generally, BK7 and Quartz are most common materials using. When the requests rising up(MBar), Sapphire must be needed because of the excellent strength. 

   Check the sapphire properties by downloading the files Click here!!

.Why Use Sapphire?

1.Excellent Moh's Hardness Upto 9H, Only Softer Than Diamond(10H), (Optical Glass 6~7)

2.Great Transmittance From 200nm~5000nm; AVG>85% @ Visible Light Freqency

3.No Attacked By Acid Or Alkalis, Only Attacked By HF At 300℃.

4.High Softening Point, Low Thermal Expansion.

5.Excellent Mechnical Properties.

We can also supply coating jobs, typical coating: AR/ Band Pass/ Cut off. 

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