Sapphire Crystal Watch Face
Name:Sapphire Crystal Watch Face
Diameter:From 16 mm to 45 mm
Center Thickness:From 1mm to 4mm
Surface Quality:Polished Surfaces S/D 80/50
Edges:Polished Edges
Shape:Single Domed
Transmission:85 @ 550nm Visible Light

Product Description

.Sapphire Crystal Watch Face

Common Shapes:

  There are three different shapes mainly used by watch makers, Double Domed, Single Domed and Plano-Plano.

   We have various stocked sapphire crystal for watch, it's depends on your request. Before you take a action, please measure the sizes as your prototype exactly as it is. Common tolerance for our crystal is about ±0.02mm( Thickness and Diameter)

Sigle Domed Sapphire Crystal:

   Have a little Magnification effect, It is because of the specific shape, it's not  caused by sapphire materials.Check below image and you may know.


.Stocked Single Domed Sapphire Crystal Glass


   Diameter from 16mm~45mm;

   Center Thickness from 1mm~4mm;

   Polished Edges;

   Transmission AVG : >85@ 550nm(Visible Light)

   Coating: AR/AF/IR/Laser


.Custom Service

If you did't find any stocked products meet your request, you can also consider custom your own types.

We have MOQ for custom parts, usually from 100pcs

1.Common Shapes(Double-Curved,Plano-Curved,Plano) usually from 100pcs

2.Custom Shapes(Dome,Rings,Irregular) Usually from 50pcs, depends on shapes.

3.Coated Parts ,usually from 100pcs(Laser, UV, IR, AR,AF)

Stock Sapphire Window

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