Sapphire Window
Name:Sapphire Window
Shapes:Round, Square, Rectangular, Drilled
Minimum Size:φ1mm
Maximum size:φ300mm
Thickness:From 0.2mm ~ 20mm
Surface Flatness:Can Be Best As λ/10 @633nm
Surface Quality:Can Be Best As S/D 10/5
Transmission:Better Than 85 @ 550nm Visible Light

Product Description

.Sapphire Windows

   Sapphire Window is widely used in Visual, Optical, Laser and Consumer Electronics filed since it was created in lab. The usage of sapphire is increasing very fast  while the price going down  in the past decade. With a better budget and extraordinary properties sapphire has, it has replaced Optical Glass in most way.

   We are professional sapphire components maker and we are really good at processing Sapphire Windows. We are good at cost control for our products by using new processing method and innovation ideas. 

   The products we can supply as below:

   Different Standards: 

   1. High Precision Sapphire - Can be reach as λ/10 @633nm, S/D 10/5 - ( Laser, Precision Optical System, Research,Lab Use) 

   2. Precision Sapphire - Can be reach as λ/4 @633nm, S/D 20/10 - ( Laser, Precision Optical System, Research,Lab Use) 

   3. Commercial Grade Sapphire - None Surface Quality Request and S/D 80/50 -(For Camera, Optical Window, Watch Glass, ETC...)


   Shapes We Can Supply:

   Round Sapphire Window  Square Sapphire Window  Rectangular Sapphire Window

     Round Sapphire Window        Square Sapphire Window   Rectangular Sapphire Window

   Drilled Sapphire Window  Step Sapphire Window  Sapphire Ring

        Drilled Sapphire Parts                  Step Window                            Rings

 We can supply more shapes than we showed. Please contact us if you not found the shape you are looking for. 


Q: What is the minimum order quantity of your custom sapphire window?

A: Our MOQ mostly from 50pcs, but if we have similar size, we can make it from 10pcs or less.

Q: How about the lead time?

A: Typically in 4 weeks after received your order.

Q: How about the shipping?

A: We use DHL, UPS, FEDEX by air, it usually cost 3~7days to your place wherever you are. 

Please contact us straight if you have more questions. 


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