Synthetic Sapphire Rod
Name:Synthetic Sapphire Rod
Dimension:From 1mm x 1mm to 200mm x 200mm in any optical axis
Length:From 0.5mm to 200mm
Top&Bottom Surfaces:Polished or Scrubbed
Parallelism:Varies by size but can be as tight as 10 arc second
Surface Quality:S/D 80/60~20/10 per MIL-PRT-13830
Quantity:Quantities from singles to full large scale production runs
Materials:Sapphire, Bk7, Fused Silica, Quartz, and Optical Glass
Delivery time:Usually 4 weeks after deposit received
Coating:Band Pass, Cut off, AR
Chamfer:Break all sharp edges

Product Description

.Synthetic Sapphire Rod

  Please have an overlook of our ability. Following are the most common used shapes that we are producing.

  1.Domed Sapphire Rod- domed head with polished or ground surface.

  2.Wedge Rods- single wedge or both wedge on the top of the rod.

  3.Sapphire Plunger- depends on your drawings.

  4.Top&Bottom Sapphire Rods - surface quality can be best as S/D 20/10

  5.Sapphire Cone Rods- single top or both tops

  6.Sapphire Rod Lens- cylinder surface polish. 

.Our Services:

  1. Free samples for your testing( stocked sizes)

  2. Fast test orders.usually in 2weeks we can give you the test samples as your requests.

  3. Low MOQ, mostly from 20pcs(depends on size)


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