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Name:Ruby Rods
Dimensions:From D1mm ~ 50mm
Length:From 0.5mm to 50mm
Tolerance:Can be best as ±0.02mm
Materials:Synthetic Ruby
Surface Quality:Double Surface Polished S/D 80/50
Chamfer:As Requests

Product Description

.Ruby Rods

  Ruby is another name of Red Sapphire, because of the impurity(Ti) made the synthetic sapphire shows red color. The size of Ruby is limited by it's grow method, for now the maximum size Ruby rod we can supply is around D50 x 50mm.

  Ruby is crisper than white sapphire, So please contact us if you have any questions about this product. 

  Other Main Shapes:

  1. Ruby Orifice

  2. Ruby Plate 

  3. Ruby Rods

  4. Ruby Windows.


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