Synthetic Sapphire Watch Glass
Name:Synthetic Sapphire Watch Glass
Diameter:From 14 mm to 40 mm
Thickness:From 1mm to 3mm
Surface Quality:Polished Surfaces S/D 80/50
Edges:Polished Edges
Transmission:Above 85per @ 550nm Visible Light

Product Description

.Synthetic Sapphire Watch Glass 

Stocked Products:

  We have Various Stocked Synthetic Sapphire Watch Glass, mainly included "Double Domed“, ”Single Domed“, ”Plano-Plano“ and ”Magnifier Bubbles“. Before you take an action, please measure the sizes as your prototype exactly as it is. Common tolerance for our crystal is about ±0.02mm( Thickness and Diameter).

Custom Products:

  If you did't find any stocked products meet your request, you can also consider custom your own types.

We have MOQ for custom parts, usually from 100pcs

1.Common Shapes(Double-Curved,Plano-Curved,Plano) usually from 100pcs

2.Custom Shapes(Dome,Rings,Irregular) Usually from 50pcs, depends on shapes.

3.Coated Parts ,usually from 100pcs(Laser, UV, IR, AR,AF)

Sapphire Crystal With Magnifier:

    Magnifier bubble already assembled on sapphire crystal(on 3 O'Clock position). 

    Apply for Rolex 69173,68173,15233,16233,ETC...

                  Tudor 92513,92413,72033,74033,76213,ETC... 


.Stocked Synthetic Sapphire Watch Glass With Bubbles

   Shapes: Plano-Plano 

   Diameter from 14mm~40mm;

   Thickness from 1mm~3mm;

   Polished Edges;


   Transmission AVG : >85@ 550nm(Visible Light)

   Coating: AR/AF/IR/Laser


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